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Crosby-on-Eden C of E Primary School expects all pupils to wear the Crosby-on-Eden C of E Primary School uniform at all times during the school year to promote the ethos of the school, provide a sense of belonging and identity and to set an appropriate tone for education. The uniform has been kept simple so that it is easy to find and buy via the school website and to keep the cost of uniform to the minimum. Parents are expected to send their children into school correctly dressed and we ask that you inform us by telephone or in writing if, for any reason, the appropriate school uniform cannot be worn.


Black or grey trousers, shorts or skirt

Crosby-on-Eden C of E Primary School pale white cotton polo shirt or plain white polo shirt

Gingham summer dress in red or burgundy/white check

Crosby-on-Eden C of E Primary School sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (mandatory)

Black Shoes or plain black trainers (footwear must be totally black with no designer logo) – No sandals, heels or open toe shoes

PE Kit

Black Shorts

Crosby-on-Eden C of E Primary School PE T-shirt or white T-Shirt

Crosby-on-Eden C of E Primary School Hoodie/school sweatshirt (mandatory)



Joggers (black, grey or navy)

Items such as school sweatshirts with the school logo can be purchased through the school website (see ‘parents’ tab). The supplier also sells other items such as fleeces, book bags, PE bags etc.


  • Pupils may wear a single pair of stud earrings that they must be able to remove or cover for PE and games lessons. No other jewellery may be worn to school although pupils may wear watches.
  • Parents who wish their child to wear jewellery in keeping with their religion/ethnicity should contact the school direct to discuss the individual requirements.
  • Earrings and watches must be removed/covered for PE/games lessons.


  • Pupils are to have a haircut which allows them to see clearly for classroom-based lessons and for PE.
  • Long hair must be tied up for PE as well as some other practical lessons.
  • Hair is to be the pupil’s natural colour.

Preloved Uniform

  • Preloved uniform is available from the school office.
  • If you have preloved uniform to donate, please make sure that it is clean and in good condition and that name labels are removed.


We strongly recommend that our school branded book bags and PE bags are purchased as these fit neatly on pegs, in trays and lockers.

Uniform can be purchased via our online shop, Coniston Corporate. Please click here to purchase uniform.


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