Class 1 have had a busy but exciting week. We have been experimenting with salt dough and designing our own egg decorations. We talked about the different patterns we could use and the different colours. We have been outside to look at the different flowers growing in our garden, we then did some observational drawings of them with oil pastels and used them to make our Easter cards, completely independently. In maths we have been working with bigger numbers and trying different ways to help us (moving, crossing out, labelling). We have completed our phonics assessments for the half term and are very proud of how well we are doing. At Forest Schools we enjoyed going on an egg hunt, following on from our book of the week “We’re going on an Egg Hunt).

We hope you all have a lovely Easter break!

Class 1

Nursery - We liked doing drawings of daffodils; we used yellow for the flower and green for the stem. 

Reception - In maths we have been doing odd and even numbers.

We are growing cress seeds in our cress heads. We will look at them to see what happens.

Reception - We have got ready for awesome endings this afternoon.

Class 1 We have had a very productive week in Class One.

We have been creating our Mothers’ Day cards – we hope you love how unique they are, the children put lots of thought, effort, and love into them all.

In maths we have been learning our doubles – we have a doubles song to help us!

We are working hard with our sentence writing and have used this to write about different kinds of habitats.

We have begun practising our poem for Awesome Endings – we are trying hard to use our loud voices.

At Forest School we enjoyed making pitta pizzas and making homes for the woodland creatures Mrs Turney had found.

In PSED we have been talking about ways we can help those who help us, and also ways we can help our friends. Everyone came up with lots of lovely ideas. We made ‘Help Pledges’, so hopefully some of you may have some helpers over the weekend!

Class 1 “When Mr Barnes to teach our PE. I liked it all”.

“I liked telling my friends all about my Daddy’s new car, it’s brilliant inside!”.

“When we were doing the Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor game in PE”.

“Going to Forest School, I loved everything”.

“I liked writing what we had for breakfast and our voting station”.

“We played in the forest and had pancakes from the fire”.

“Cooking the pancakes at Forest School”.

“I loved trying popcorn, we listened for the pop pop pop!”.

Class 1

“I liked playing with the Lego and building towers”.

“Playing with my friends in the writing area”.

“I loved playing with the cars. We drove them up to the new house and down the tunnels”.

“I liked being a train in our dance lesson”.

“I loved playing stuck in the mud when Beth was in for PE”.

“I liked playing with the dinosaurs in our new house”.

“Doing our maths investigations afternoon”.

“Doing the playdough worms”.

Class 1 we have been continuing to learn about the polar regions. We have been talking about different habitats and who lives there.

To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week we have been reading 'The Colour Monster', talking about all sorts of different feelings and using our emotional register.

Our story for the week was 'Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles'. We talked about similarities and differences to the original story. We then voted for our favourite - Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles won top spot.

In phonics, we are now learning to read longer words - we are doing a fantastic job! And in maths we have been working hard to compare groups of objects, using 'more than', 'fewer than' and 'equal to'.

Well done, Class One!

Class 1 from the children 

“I enjoyed singing our songs in our music lesson”. 

“I’ve had fun playing in the drawing area with my friends”. 

“I like reading with my teachers”.

“I love playing outside”.

“I love playing in the mud kitchen outside, we made lots of pancakes for our friends”.

Class 1 have been continuing to learn about Antarctica and the Arctic. Our book of the week was ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers, we enjoyed making ‘Lost’ posters to help our own penguin find his way home. We have been practising our sculpting skills, experimenting with clay – using our hands to make different shapes and using the clay tools. In maths, we have been partitioning 5 and are getting really confident at this. In our dance session this week, we were moving like different kinds of robots – we are getting very good at moving to the music. Well done everyone!

Class 1 Children's comments…

“I liked dancing like a dinosaur, I stomped around”.

“I loved building a river in the sand”.

“We’ve been learning about polar bears, they can smell a seal from 20 miles away”.

“I liked pretending to be toys in our dance lesson”.

“I’ve had fun being at school”.

“Playing with my friends, we made a big tunnel slide for the cars”.

“We made a band and played some songs – we were very loud!”.

Class 1 had an exciting trip out to Pizza Express this week. They all watched as Tom, the pizza chef, made the dough, then all made their own pizza. The children (and adults) all had a great morning, and the pizzas were delicious.

We have also been learning about different types of technology, in school and at home. During maths we have looked at artists who use shapes in their work and had a go at making our own.

Our story for the week has been 'We're going on a Bear Hunt', we have enjoyed acting it our together and making our story maps. 


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