Class 1 I liked playing in the frost, it was so crunchy. Holme Head House, upstairs we did drawing. I liked Holme Head House because upstairs we could do clay and modelling. I liked climbing the trees. I liked making the reindeer food. I liked going on the trip, I liked playing on the tree. I liked climbing on the trees and painting upstairs and playing with the dinosaurs. Playing with the Lego, I made a Lego man. I liked playing with the big dinosaurs and my friends.

Class 1 have had a very productive week. We are well underway with our rehearsals for the Nativity and are enjoying spending time with Class Two. Nursery have been reading 'Hippo has a Hat' and have created some great hat designs. Reception's new book is 'The Happy Hedgehog Band' - a very noisy story! Reception have been working very hard to learn their tricky words, we are very impressed - they really are tricky!

Nursery are becoming subitising superstars and have been representing totals in different ways (circles, lines, cats!), while Reception have been learning all about shapes and beginning to use numerals in their recording.

Class 1 have had a fantastic week, here are some of the children's highlights:

"playing with my friends", "singing the Christmas songs for the Nativity", "painting a picture of the Gruffalo", "making my number 5s", "eating my dinner, my pudding was the best", "dancing with CDA", "showing my friends my show and tell and answering all their questions", "decorating my Pudsey biscuit".

Class 1 Our stories of the week have been 'The Leaf Thief' and 'Wow! said the Owl". The children have loved retelling the stories, and made some fantastic posters with brilliant writing and pictures. In maths we have been looking at composition - the whole and the parts that make up the whole. We enjoyed planning, making then eating fruit kebabs, identifying the whole and the different parts. We have also been making our own 2D shapes and exploring printing to make circle pictures. In our SCARF sessions we have been talking about what makes us the same, what makes us different, and why it's a good thing that we are all different. This has linked nicely to our work in science where we have been sharing baby photos and talking about how we are different now to when we were babies.

Class I loved doing the big jumps with Kim. We made story maps of the ‘Little Red Hen’. I liked doing the potato printing. I liked doing drawing with Tabs. I loved Forest School this week. I like singing our harvest songs. I liked building with my friends and making roads and carparks. I liked reading books with my friends.

Class 2 We liked walking to the woods, the seesaw at the woods, playing in the trees, the hot chocolate, the seesaw, the climbing tree, chatting by the fire, the seesaw is so much fun,  talking around the fire, climbing up the climbing tree, making our dinner at the woods, the s’mores were yummy, the hot chocolate, climbing the climbing tree, bouncing on the seesaw,  the woods is so much fun! Also, Golden time, RE week with Rachel and Esther, our 'Deborah' drama, Gymnastics with Kym, P.E. and Mrs Potts’ lunches.

Class 1“Forest School was really good, we did lots of climbing”.

“I loved making a giant house with my friends. It was good for when it rained”.

“We made a big rainbow dog together”.

“I liked reading my new book, I love the cats in Mrs McTats houseful of cats”.

“I love our stick insects, they’re getting bigger”.

“I liked looking for our 1, 2, 3 and 4 in maths”.

“I liked drawing with my friends, I drew me and my family”.

Class This week we have been working hard with our phonics – we are doing really well and remembering lots of new phonemes and graphemes. At Forest School on Wednesday, we enjoyed making houses for some special visitors. We also made s’mores and gathered leaves, acorns and conkers. We had a walk around the village, noticing familiar places and spotting our friend’s houses. In SCARF we have been talking about feelings – what things make us happy, what can make us feel frustrated or sad, and what can do to make ourselves feel happy again. In our gymnastics session we focused on different kinds of jumping – Kym was very impressed! Well done, Class One, another fantastic week.

Class 1 have had a fantastic week. We all enjoyed our visit from Andy Tooze on Monday, listening to poetry and learning some actions to perform to the rest of school. In Reception, we have been making story maps and performing ‘The Gruffalo’, continuing with our phonics, and carrying out surveys of what fruit people like. In nursery we have been reading the 'You Choose' books, sharing our ideas and listening to our friends. In art, we are experimenting with printing, and have made some great pictures. Well done everyone, a busy week.

from the children

Class 1  “I loved Forest School, we toasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate”.

“I liked doing my Gruffalo picture”.

“I liked going to Forest School”.

“I liked gymnastics and they helped me do a roly poly!”.

“I liked painting, I painted a picture of people singing in the hall”.

“I enjoyed gymnastics and playing outside”.


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