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Class 1 – have been having mathematical talks! The children have been sorting the elves and shoemaker shop and came up with sorting according to size, height, width, colour etc. all of which came from the children. Class 1 children have also been perfecting their handwashing technique.

Class 2 – Mr Jones would like to praise all children in Class 2 for their efforts with their reading with Accelerated Reader – they have all made good progress in such a short space of time. They are really focussing on their own reading. We would like to thank parents for their support which is particularly noticeable with their comments in their child’s reading record – really lovely to hear some book discussions between parent and child.

Class 3 – enjoyed their Forest School session in Brunstock Woods today – where they had newfound enthusiasm as they haven’t been to this woods since they were in Class 1. Children enjoyed discovering new places to build dens and have transferred learning from one woods to another; adapting imagination and new play.

Class 4 – are enjoying their new topic on evolution and adaptation and have enjoyed looking at characteristic traits and from parents. Children are very enthusiastic with sharing photos which we now have displayed in the classroom.

On Tuesday 11th February 2020 it was Safer Internet Day across the country.

Crosby took part in this day by attending an Assembly by Miss Kerr where we explored this years' theme: 'Together for a Better Internet.' Then, in our classes, we took part in different activities.

Please see the videos on our Online Safety Page (Pupils Page) to see what each class did to take part in this important day.

We are also pleased to welcome our 2020 new members of the Online Safety Committee: Aidan, Aidan, Grace, Finlay, Freyja and Gabriel. We have already had our first meeting where we checked through our responses to safe use of the Internet. We also contributed to the writing of the Online Safety policy for the school: which has now gone to the Governors to be approved. It will soon be available on the school website.

March 06, 2020

World Book Day

The whole school took part in a book swap which they thoroughly enjoyed. Each class were given the opportunity to browse a fantastic variety of books and choose their favourite. It was great to see so many children enthusiastic about reading; choosing to share their books with others outside in the playground.

March 06, 2020

Lost Words

We had a visit from Jamie Normington – a member of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust. He talked to the children about ‘The Lost Words’ book and explained how some amazing words from nature are disappearing from our language. He kindly donated one of these books to school to share the forgotten words with the children.

Our School Council hosted another local school and it was great to see them having lunch together today and making relationships with peers beyond school.

Class 1 – have been putting our school values into practice this week. They have also been writing with lots of enthusiasm!

Class 2 – have undertaken some great independent work with instructions for various purposes using imperative verbs. They have been practicing their action song for the Music & Drama festival next week and their singing sounds amazing!

Class 3 – have made a positive and enthusiastic start to their Design & Technology unit of cooking. Children have worked collaboratively to plan balanced meals to cook at the woods, using mathematical skills to work out quantities so that enough food was provided to the whole class.

Class 4 – took part in drama role play using the ‘conscience alley’ drama technique to allow them to explore empathy – Street Child was used as a focus stimulus. Children have been debating in groups for an against and they have produced good purposeful writing this week.

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