Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 27/11/2023 from the children

Class 1 I liked playing in the frost, it was so crunchy. Holme Head House, upstairs we did drawing. I liked Holme Head House because upstairs we could do clay and modelling. I liked climbing the trees. I liked making the reindeer food. I liked going on the trip, I liked playing on the tree. I liked climbing on the trees and painting upstairs and playing with the dinosaurs. Playing with the Lego, I made a Lego man. I liked playing with the big dinosaurs and my friends.

Class 2 The pantomime was the highlight in class two this week with the children sharing the following favourite parts:

I loved the part when Pinocchio sang loads of songs. I liked it when the blue fairy came out. When we saw his underpants. It was funny when he had no clothes on! I liked it when he was singing different songs, my favourite song was I'm still standing.

When his head was popped out of the big red balloon. When Dani sang the songs. The big balloon bit. I liked the cream cake bit best, they made a big mess! When the balloon popped! The end bit when Pinocchio rode on his unicycle.

Class 3 We have enjoyed writing out our RSPCA letter about the Twits.

Year 3 have done exchange in subtraction and Year 4 have done x, 6 & 9 times tables in maths. In PE we did a dance to One Direction and dressed up for it. We really liked the Panto about Pinocchio. We loved this week, the play is progressing and we were excited about it.

Class 4 I have enjoyed learning about how the heart works in Science and carrying out an exercise experiment. We measured our resting pulse then checked it after 2 minutes. We found that our heart rate had increased and it took 5 minutes to get back to normal resting heart rate.

I have enjoyed learning fractions in maths because I like maths and understand it.

I have enjoyed singing our songs for our production. We have enjoyed practising new dances this week, dancing is my favourite.

I have enjoyed creating an advert for a good friend in PSHE, thinking about the qualities I look for in a good friend.

I have enjoyed reading lots and reaching my reading target.


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