Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 02/10/2023

Class This week we have been working hard with our phonics – we are doing really well and remembering lots of new phonemes and graphemes. At Forest School on Wednesday, we enjoyed making houses for some special visitors. We also made s’mores and gathered leaves, acorns and conkers. We had a walk around the village, noticing familiar places and spotting our friend’s houses. In SCARF we have been talking about feelings – what things make us happy, what can make us feel frustrated or sad, and what can do to make ourselves feel happy again. In our gymnastics session we focused on different kinds of jumping – Kym was very impressed! Well done, Class One, another fantastic week.

Class 2 It's been an exciting week in class 2, with map drawing and treasure hunting in Geography and vegetable peeling, cutting, grating, blending, coating and eating in DT.  In science the children learned the names of the parts of a tree and are looking forward to experiencing a range of trees at the woods on Monday.  The children practised moving in a range of ways during gymnastics with Kim, moving across the mats in a curled, long and thin and short and wide different ways, they especially loved the bean game warm-up!  During fitness, we took to the field for cross-country, they demonstrated their endless energy and strong perseverance running round and round marked out edges, the heavy rain meant we ended our fitness work in the hall.  In maths we've completed our place value block and in English planned our adapted story and designed our own short story's front cover, next week we'll write out stories   The children continue to work hard at home and school, learning their spellings and reading daily! Well done class two, you are all stars!

Class 3  have been writing character descriptions of Mrs Twit.  We have been practising using writing skills like similes, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials to describe Mrs Twit.  We have enjoyed learning about animals that don't have a skeleton for protection and how they can keep themselves safe.  We have also enjoyed gymnastics with Kim and we can do lots of different rolls and balances.  We have enjoyed doing recorders on Fridays and we have learned some new notes.  We have enjoyed geography and learning about rivers.  

Class 4 have worked extremely hard this week. At forest school, the children carried out a field study of the woods. They investigated two different quadrants, measuring the ages of trees, identifying plant species and finding human and physical features of each area. In English, they have been creating a persuasive argument, researching deforestation and the devasting impact on the planet. Their knowledge on this topic is very impressive! In Science, we have been learning about 'the human timeline' discussing stages of development. In PSHE, the children have taken part in role play, thinking about ways to be assertive. In PE, the children have been working in pairs to practise different balances. We have worked together lots in groups this week; everyone has been supportive and respectful towards each other.  


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