Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 09/10/2023 from the children

Class I loved doing the big jumps with Kim. We made story maps of the ‘Little Red Hen’. I liked doing the potato printing. I liked doing drawing with Tabs. I loved Forest School this week. I like singing our harvest songs. I liked building with my friends and making roads and carparks. I liked reading books with my friends.

Class 2 We liked walking to the woods, the seesaw at the woods, playing in the trees, the hot chocolate, the seesaw, the climbing tree, chatting by the fire, the seesaw is so much fun,  talking around the fire, climbing up the climbing tree, making our dinner at the woods, the s’mores were yummy, the hot chocolate, climbing the climbing tree, bouncing on the seesaw,  the woods is so much fun! Also, Golden time, RE week with Rachel and Esther, our 'Deborah' drama, Gymnastics with Kym, P.E. and Mrs Potts’ lunches.

Class 3  This week in class 3, we have enjoyed RE week and learning about women in the Bible.  We have learned about Esther and how she was made a queen when she was very young.  We learned about Deborah the prophet and how she encouraged Barak to stand up for his country.  We enjoyed chariot racing and creating encouragement bunting to cheer our friends on.  We enjoyed drawing Mrs Twit and finishing our writing by writing our descriptions up neatly. We have enjoyed fitness in PE and trying different exercises.  We also enjoyed the vault in gymnastics.  We are learning about muscles in Science and this was interesting too.

Class 4 We have really enjoyed RE week, learning all about Deborah and her characteristics which made her brave, resilient, generous and much more. We took part in a presentation/role play and got to meet other schools at Houghton church. We shared our thoughts and ideas with each other.

I have really enjoyed learning about tints, tones and shades in Art, we have practised these skills, ready to use in our Henri Rousseau sketches. I am looking forward to painting my foreground, middle ground and background.

We have enjoyed gymnastics because we practised our skills on the vault, it was great fun.

I have enjoyed creating a poster in PSHE to inform people about being assertive in a respectful way.

We have enjoyed writing a persuasive letter to the Brazilian embassy (based in London) to persuade them to do more to stop deforestation. Miss Fox is going to post our letters and we are hoping for a reply.


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