Teaching and learning celebrations - Some of the comments from the children....

Class 1“Forest School was really good, we did lots of climbing”.

“I loved making a giant house with my friends. It was good for when it rained”.

“We made a big rainbow dog together”.

“I liked reading my new book, I love the cats in Mrs McTats houseful of cats”.

“I love our stick insects, they’re getting bigger”.

“I liked looking for our 1, 2, 3 and 4 in maths”.

“I liked drawing with my friends, I drew me and my family”.

Class 2

I loved the Storm Whale story in Geography, then drawing a map for the beach. I liked looking at the maps everyone had drawn for homework.  English has been the best this week because the dragon was afraid of mice. I like maths and I am getting better at my numbers.  Gym with Kym is hard but really good, she can walk on her hands!  I like computing best because we do fun activities.  I love lunchtime because I get to see my little sister.  I enjoy going on the spelling shed games on the I-pads.  I enjoy the BBC videos and quizzes we do in class two.  Making waves in art using different things (paints, crayons, pencils, charcoal, oil pastels etc) was good. I liked doing my first spelling test.


Class 3

This week, class 3 have enjoyed exploring the skeleton and finding out about what it does.  We have had fun with the iPads using an 'x-ray' scanner to find the bones in our bodies.  We have enjoyed PE, where we have been taking part in fitness activities, thinking about our muscles and how to move safely.  We have been working with our partners to encourage and offer tips.  We have been writing descriptive sentences about Mr Twit and have written some fantastic similes.  In geography, we have been learning about rivers such as where is the best place to build a settlement.  We continue to work hard, showing our school values of respect, friendship, trust and perseverance at all times.


Class 4 We have really enjoyed our time at the woods. This week we have created wooden frames for our portraits using tools and making vegetable curry for lunch (it was delicious!) 

I love exploring in the woods.

I enjoyed PE, practising multi skills and playing dodgeball.

We have enjoyed sketching the foreground in art to create our own Henry Rousseau painting.

In computing, we have enjoyed programming the goalkeeper to save the goal using scratch.

In English, we have enjoyed learning about persuasive writing, we are hoping to persuade Miss Fox to give everyone an extra breaktime next week


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