Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 11/09/2023

from the children

Class 1  “I loved Forest School, we toasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate”.

“I liked doing my Gruffalo picture”.

“I liked going to Forest School”.

“I liked gymnastics and they helped me do a roly poly!”.

“I liked painting, I painted a picture of people singing in the hall”.

“I enjoyed gymnastics and playing outside”.

Class 2 I liked.... running and hopping in P.E. and maths, playtime on the field, spelling shed and gymnastics, fitness and gymnastics in P.E, computing, gym with Kym, place value in maths, using base 10 in for tens and ones, spelling shed with Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Potts’ dinners, the obstacle course and celebration worship!

Class 3 have had an exciting week.

We dressed up on Wednesday as our favourite Roald Dahl characters as it was Roald Dahl Day.  We enjoyed making sweet labels and inventing new sweets.  We also made dream jars inspired by the BFG.  We wrote down our dreams on a piece of paper and then we painted them with watercolours.  We had to sit where the book was for our character and read some of his books.  In maths, we have been learning about place value up to 100 and up to 1000.  This is fun.  We have also logged into Times Table Rockstars and we know how to do this now.  We have also enjoyed being back on Edshed and playing spelling games.  We enjoyed sorting words into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs which describe Mr Twit.  

Class 4 We have enjoyed gymnastics with Kim (specialist coach) learning different jumps.

I have enjoyed sharing my Brilliant Beginnings.

Science was fun because we learnt about different life cycles, researching similarities and differences.

I enjoyed writing about the rainforest in English, using descriptive vocabulary.

In Geography, we have enjoyed using Digi maps to locate Longitude, Latitude, places in Europe, North America and South America.

We have all enjoyed our first visit to the woods, preparing food, trying out new activities and games. Exploring was really fun, looking at the changes in season since our last visit and playing with our friends.


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