Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 02/05/2023

Class 1 “I loved the artist coming in and cricket”.

“Doing the birds with Helen”.

“I liked going outside”.

“Doing cricket with Fraser”.

“I liked doing cricket with Fraser. We batted the ball”.

“When we worked with the artist”.

Everyone enjoys their cricket with Fraser!

Class 2 I liked building the cars in DT and Golden Time.  Art was great, I loved making a picture of King Charles the third, my tea-towel looks good.  I learned lots of new facts in Miss Chambers' History lesson.  Acting out the Coronation was fun.  We like looking at the new spiders which live in the tyres on the field.  Lunchtime is the best!  Phonics helps us to read and spell.  I like counting in 2's, 5's and 10's in maths.  I wrote lots when I wrote my story and I liked reading my story out loud to other people.  I think the picnic will be fun! 

Class 3

This week in Class 3 we have enjoyed art when we made coronation tea towels. 

Year 4 enjoyed doing decimals and Year 3 enjoyed fractions in Maths.

Literacy was fun because we are acting like newspaper reporters.

We loved PE because we are doing cricket.

Class 4 We have enjoyed creating birds to celebrate the King's Coronation. I liked the way the colours represented The United Kingdom. 

We have enjoyed designing portraits of King Charles on our flags, everyone's flag is amazing.

We have enjoyed planning and carrying out our own Science investigations, to test whether the length of wires affects the brightness of a bulb.

I enjoyed using Digimaps in Geography, finding out how to use the tools to find grid references, locate places using images, markers and text boxes. We looked at different maps including Crosby-on-Eden and United Kingdom.

I am looking forward to the Royal Picnic and other celebrations today.


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