Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 15/05/2023

Class 1 “I loved making pitta pockets at the forest”.

“I’ve had fun playing in the mud kitchen with my friends”.

“Football with Nick was lots of fun”.

“We loved the cricket with Fraser, I can bat the ball really hard”.

“I liked painting pictures with the watercolours, it’s tricky but I kept trying”.

“I like watching the chrysalides. I don’t know when they’re going to be butterflies”.


Class 2 I like lunchtime because I love Mrs Pots, her lunches are the best!

I enjoyed English, we had to look around the school for clues because Dizzy stole Mrs Robinsons’ birthday cake.

I enjoyed tennis because I got to hit the ball and flip the tennis racket.

I enjoy golden time because I get to play with Lego. 

I enjoyed being on superhero.  


Class 3 I liked learning about decimals in maths.

I put a lot of thought into my writing and am very proud of it.

In PE I liked cricket because we got to do a lot, including bowling.

It was fun and I like the coach.

I liked doing our newspaper report and writing about Robinwood.

Science was good.

We learned about sound and that sound can travel through solids.  


Class 4 We have enjoyed researching Greek culture in Geography, we used lots of different sources of evidence. 

Everyone in Year 6 enjoyed the pizza party to celebrate all our hard work and the end of SATS. We got to eat ice-cream and danced to our favourite songs. 

We have enjoyed finishing off our mythical stories, creating our own quests to defeat the evil creature. 

We have enjoyed athletics with Mr Rigg, the activities are really fun.  

I have enjoyed reading with my buddy. 


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