Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 05/06/2023

Class 1 “I liked going on the trampolines at the Sands Centre”.

“I did batting with Fraser”.

“I played cricket with Fraser”.

“I liked the sports we did at the Sands Centre”.

“I enjoyed flower pressing at Forest School – we had to smash the flowers up!”.

“We potted on our tomato plants and are looking after them”.

“We have a new pet snail, we have made shopping lists for what they might like to eat”.

Class 2 Maths because I love to learn,

star of the day because I might be chosen,

trampolining & music

trampolining because it was fun,

multi-skills and trampolining,

R.E because I like learning the lord’s prayer,

English because I liked drawing my dream holiday hotel,

music because we made music with instruments, golden time because we can play,

everything because I love the teacher teaching us,

trampolining because I loved bouncing,

I enjoyed everything this week,

I liked bouncing high on the trampoline and cricket because it's fun!

Class 3 In English we watched a clip about a stray dog that was found, fed, and then housed. 

In maths we learnt about money and time. 

In history we learnt about Queen Boudica and King Caractacus.

In Spelling we did homophones and suffixes.

Class 4 I have really enjoyed practising our end of year production 'Peter Pan' it's really exciting!

This week, I really enjoyed getting my part for the play and singing songs.

Lots of us have really enjoyed wheelchair basketball in PE, we love competing against each other. 

Learning skills in cricket was great fun, we are practising ball skills. 

The First Aid workshop was really enjoyable, and we learnt lots of life saving skills. We really enjoyed the practical activities with the dummies. 

I am really happy that I know how to help someone if they were in trouble, now I have completed the First Aid workshop.

We have enjoyed designing a Greek sandal in Design and Technology, thinking about durability and appearance.


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