Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 19/06/2023 from the children

Class 1 have had a very busy week. Nursery took part in their Sports Day – we were all very impressed of how well they did, and proud of all the children who supported and cheered them on. We have been making all sorts of maps, following on from our focus book “Martha Maps it Out”. We have also made some story maps and written some fantastic sentences about them. We continue to look after our tomato plants and beans and are pleased with how well they are doing. Reception are very excited for our Sports Day this afternoon – it could get quite competitive!

Class 2  Another active week in Class 2 with a sports day practice at the village green, our weekly SANDS visit and cricket with Fraser.  We have focused on place value to 100 in Year 1 and they've blown me away with their knowledge of tens and ones also numbers to 100! Some super statistics in Year 2 with us working on pictograms, tables and tally knowledge.  We've focused on three texts about Handa in English which will take us to writing about our own story set in a village in South West Kenya in Africa, their story maps showed some excellent artistic drawing skills to show the events and characters.   In science we've set up science experiments to investigate the effects of water and light on growing seeds and the flowers and onions we've planted are growing leaves in their containers.  Well done Class 2 for another busy but fun week of learning together! We enjoyed voting for our summer fair stall and planning them too. 

Class 3 have had a super week.  We have started designing mosaics and we will be continuing this next week.  We have been working hard in English writing fantastic stories inspired by an animation we watched called 'Feast'.  We have really tried hard to use speech marks and descriptive language.  In science, we have been learning about different animals and comparing the teeth of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We found this really interesting and were surprised that elephant tusks are actually incisors!  We have been collaborating in groups on our summer fair stalls and have written letters asking for donations, which you will see next week.  In History we have been continuing our research into how the Roman empire changed Britain.  Thanks to the Romans, we have stinging nettles and sewers. We hope that next week is filled with fun, laughter and kindness as we move towards the end of term.  

Class 4 have had a very busy week! We have been putting our last touches to the end of year production, the children are really excited to perform in front of an audience, very soon. In music, we have been practising our songs, we have many fantastic singers. In History, we have been learning all about the city states (Sparta and Athens). Everyone took part in a debate to decide whether they would prefer to live in Sparta or Athens in ancient Greek times. Athens came out on top! 

In English, we have used the theme of 'Peter Pan' to write letters home in the character of Wendy or John, letting Mrs Darling know about their fantastic adventures in Neverland.

In Art and Design, everyone has been designing a backdrop for Pantastic, we will use their ideas to create our set. Well done Class 4! 


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