Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 03/07/2023

Class 1

“I liked going in the woods and playing in the mud kitchen”.

“Going to Glasgow and going in the big, blue spinny house!”.

“Going to Glasgow, I loved the film”.

“I liked the film at Glasgow – I liked when the orangutan snapped the tree!”.

“Moving up day – I liked playing in Class 2”.

“I liked the film when the elephants were all running”.

“I loved our teddy bears picnic”.


Class 2 We loved the Science centre, the film about orphan elephants and orangutangs was really interesting and we liked the activities on the different floors especially the water ones. 

We liked moving up day.

We loved going to the Sands again this week. 

We enjoyed planning our story in English. 

We’re all looking forward to going to the Woods on Monday!


Class 3 This week we’ve enjoyed our trip to Glasgow and in particular floor 3 (our bodies) and floor 1 (electricity). 

We also through learning our first aid was interesting and fun.

Most people enjoyed our computing lesson. 

The museum was interesting, and we made electricity by smashing water! We got to see our skeleton and how high we jumped.


Class 4 We all enjoyed our transition days at our new Secondary schools, meeting new friends and taking part in new lessons. We all feel less worried about September because everyone was friendly and welcoming. 

We all enjoyed moving up day in year 5, working with our new classmates and talking about what we do in class 4 to help others.

We enjoyed the trip to the Science Museum, getting the opportunity to explore and investigate all things 'Science'. The interactive activities were amazing, we learnt lots!

I have enjoyed designing the set for our play, we practised our artistic skills and worked together really well.


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