Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 26/09/2022

Class 1 this week we have been talking about special people in our lives. We shared photos of our families and pets and talked about why it’s good to be different. We have been continuing to learn our new sounds and graphemes and are doing a brilliant job! We have worked together to make some amazing zoos, race tracks and have enjoyed big drawing together. We have talked about the changes in the weather and some of us have been busy collecting leaves and acorns.

Class 2’s highlights include learning to plait in groups of three with skipping ropes during Art and Design.  In Gymnastics the children have been practising rolling, staddles and rocking to stand without using hands.  In Science they worked within their house groups to identify herbivores, carnivores and omnivores as well as learning about the events which led to 'The Great Fire Of London' during History.  Pupils have written their own interesting adventures of 'Little Red' with many including the mischievous 'Goldilocks'.  Place value in maths has challenged the Year 1’s; understanding and application of the words fewer, more, same, less when comparing numbers and the Year 2’s are becoming number line experts, analysing interval amounts as well as the start and end points to position numbers.   The class have worked exceptionally hard this week and I'm proud of their efforts both in class and at home too as well as their own individual personal achievements! Well done Class 2!

Class 3  have been busy this week editing and improving our setting descriptions.  In Science we have been looking at different types of rocks and we have been grouping and classifying them.  In History, we have been looking at artefacts from Ancient Egypt; making predictions and asking questions about what they could be and what they were used for. We are still enjoying our PE sessions and our gymnastics skills are improving each week.  

Class 4  from the children:

I have really enjoyed carrying out a science investigation to measure the force of gravity pulling on objects using Newton meters. 

I have enjoyed partner work in gymnastics, making up our own synchronized routine, creating mirror images and cannonballs.

In computing, we have enjoyed creating codes using the scratch programme.

We have enjoyed taking part in the football tournament, it was really fun playing against other schools.

We have enjoyed baking this week using rationed ingredients to experience shortages during world war one, we donated our cakes to the church.


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