Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 03/10/2022

Class 1 have been finding out how to make 2, 3 and 4. We have been on treasure hunts of the classroom to find all the different ways to show these. During PE, we have been practising our balances – we are getting really good at this and are managing not to wobble too much! We have enjoyed painting sunflowers in the style of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and have made a beautiful display. It has been another busy week!

Class 2from the children:
I like gym with Kym (that rhymes). I LOVE gymnastics. I can balance on one leg, off the floor too! I like making shapes with my body. I'm good at straddle. I like the happy, sad and stretch cat. The bean warm-up is fun. The magic rope is's invisible. I like hardwork in Class 2. I liked watching animal BBC videos in science. Maths, spellings and phonics is good as well.

Class 3from the children: This week in English, we have been reading the Egyptian Cinderella. We have been identifying the verbs in the story and we used the verbs to act it out. We have also done some computing this week where we made infographics to show the school rules. We really enjoyed this activity. In Maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers. We have been working really hard this week and we are looking forward to golden time on Friday! ?

Class 4
from the children:
Our music lesson was really fun this week, we practised playing the glockenspiel and recorder by following musical notes; we listened and appraised music from the seventies era.
I enjoyed Art and Design because we have been using our sketching skills and looking at Paul Nash paintings (from WW1).
I enjoyed finding out about Nelson Mandela in RE and how he fought for justice.
In English, I enjoyed researching a war poem (In Flanders Fields) we thought about the words and drew an image by painting a picture in our minds.
We enjoyed leading the worship this week, it was about National Poetry Day and how we can use our world around us to help write poetry.


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