Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 12/12/2022

From the children…

Class 1

I loved Mummy and Daddy coming to watch me dance.

I’ve had fun with friends in the home corner.

Singing in the play.

Mummy and Daddy watching me as a donkey.

I liked Mummy and Daddy watching me on the stage.

Mummy, daddy, Mike and Grandma coming to watch our play.

My Mam came to the play to see me be a Star!

I loved my Mummy and Daddy watching the show so much.


Class 2 

I liked making our pop-up card with the fire inside in DT. 

My favourite thing was the Christmas Play.

I liked it when the Wisemen did the camel train because it was so funny.

I liked the Shepherds bit in the Nativity. I liked baking shortbread. 

I liked baking and crafts.  Me too...I liked colouring in our decorations. 

I liked it when we were in the provision, playing with the Lego.  We like finding 'Puddles'.



Class 3

We really enjoyed performing our play- Joseph.  

We have also enjoyed creating our awesome endings slides this week. We have organised it ourselves and we are looking forward to showing our parents.  

We liked making our 3D Christmas Cards in D and T. They were quite tricky to make and we had to persevere.  

We have also enjoyed doing our Christmas crafts this week.   

We would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Class 4

I really enjoyed designing a pop-up Christmas card, it was quite tricky, but they look amazing! 

Our play was so fun, we loved performing for our families and the whole school.

I really enjoyed arithmetic and improving my scores.

We enjoyed making bunting for our VE Day celebrations.

We have enjoyed making Christmas crafts, we made funny elf door hangers.

I loved baking using rationed ingredients for VE Day.


Low Crosby,




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