Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 16/01/2023

Class 1 Children's comments…

“I liked dancing like a dinosaur, I stomped around”.

“I loved building a river in the sand”.

“We’ve been learning about polar bears, they can smell a seal from 20 miles away”.

“I liked pretending to be toys in our dance lesson”.

“I’ve had fun being at school”.

“Playing with my friends, we made a big tunnel slide for the cars”.

“We made a band and played some songs – we were very loud!”.

Class 2  best bits from this week have been doing spelling tests again, going on the field for a frosty playtimes, English writing our snowman instructions, the money work in year 2 maths,  learning tri-golf, doing accelerated reader tests, golden time, learning how to make different joins in DT with cardboard for our tower work and the Friday comprehension and arithmetic maths!



Class 3 Children's comments…

Year 4 have enjoyed doing 12, 11 and 7 in times tables in Maths.

Year 3 have enjoyed doing 3 times tables in maths.

On Friday, we enjoyed going to the woods because we got to explore and cook.

We have enjoyed looking at diary entries.

Guided reading was fun.  We read, we answered questions, we did poems, read books and we did SPAG. 

We made recipes for the woods.

Class 4 Children's comments…

We have really enjoyed planning a newspaper report about 'The Windmill Farmer' we have learnt how to write headlines and make our writing dramatic and interesting for the reader.

In PE, I have enjoyed learning new skills in Lacrosse sessions with Mr Barnes (PE coach).

In PE, we have enjoyed making up our own sequenced dance routine in small groups. We linked our moves to river music because we are learning about rivers in geography. We enjoyed performing in front of an audience. 

It was really interesting learning about day and night in Science, we found out about time differences in other countries across the world, the sun doesn't really move and the earth spins on its axis.

We really enjoyed Mr King teaching us a new song for the Music and Drama Festival.


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