Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 23/01/2023

Class 1 have been continuing to learn about Antarctica and the Arctic. Our book of the week was ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers, we enjoyed making ‘Lost’ posters to help our own penguin find his way home. We have been practising our sculpting skills, experimenting with clay – using our hands to make different shapes and using the clay tools. In maths, we have been partitioning 5 and are getting really confident at this. In our dance session this week, we were moving like different kinds of robots – we are getting very good at moving to the music. Well done everyone!


Class 2 

Year 1 and 2 have confidently entered their new calculation maths units this week, with growing independence and confidence.  They have enthusiastically designed and built towers using boxes in DT demonstrating strong collaboration skills when working partnership.   We have written instructions for washing our hands which has reminded us about rubbing in the soap for twenty seconds.  In computing we were gathering and presenting data for favourite sports in a range of tables and charts.  We are becoming weather experts as we record our daily temperature and weather, whilst still hoping the snow returns so we can try out our snowman instructions.  In PSHE we sensibly learned about the NSPCC 'PANTS rules'.  During Science we learned why we have day and night, using a ball, torch and person to help represent this, the class were fantastic at answering online knowledge quiz questions too.  Our class two gymnasts are nearly ready for their competition, demonstrating great commitment and perseverance as they attend their weekly morning practice. We have been focusing on community this week and have worked hard as a class to try to support one another in different ways, with our work, choices, actions, words or when we're just not feeling 100%.  Well done class two, we're a great team!


Class 3 have had a busy week.  They have been learning about light and are investigating shadows.  We have been focused in maths and everyone is showing great perseverance.  Our volcanic dance is developing in PE, in preparation for U Dance.  We have been building upon our art project by using materials in the woods and enjoying the sunshine.


Class 4 have been thinking about taking risks and peer pressure in PSHE this week. Everyone demonstrated a very mature attitude during our discussion. 

In our Rivers topic, we have been learning about erosion and deposition. The children went on to perform these movements in PE, working co-operatively together. 

In music, we have been practising our new songs, everyone made a fantastic effort when singing solo. We have some amazing voices in year 5/6. Well done class 4! 

Well done to our Gymnasts who participated in the County Gymnastics Championships yesterday – securing a 1st & 2nd place for the U11’s. 


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