Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 06/03/2023 from the children

Class 1 “When Mr Barnes to teach our PE. I liked it all”.

“I liked telling my friends all about my Daddy’s new car, it’s brilliant inside!”.

“When we were doing the Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor game in PE”.

“Going to Forest School, I loved everything”.

“I liked writing what we had for breakfast and our voting station”.

“We played in the forest and had pancakes from the fire”.

“Cooking the pancakes at Forest School”.

“I loved trying popcorn, we listened for the pop pop pop!”.

Class 2

We loved watching Class 3's dance in the hall.  P.E. is fun.  I like tag rugby.    Art was good.  I liked making a printing block from potatoes and clay.  I enjoyed printing.   I like science, maths, English, music, R.E., lunch and playtimes.  I like phonics.  I love reading time. 


Class 3 This week in Class 3 we have enjoyed U Dance – we did a dance about volcanos. 

In French we learnt how to say 10 different instruments. 

We enjoyed PE with Mr Barns. 

We have enjoyed writing about the Gut Garden.

Class 4 We have enjoyed practising our singing for the Music and Drama festival. We have improved lots!

In Science, we have enjoyed investigating light, finding out about 'The colour spectrum'. We used prisms to see the colours of the rainbow when light was refracted. We created a colour wheel to show that white appears when the wheel is spinning fast because the colours mix together.

We are improving our skills in PE (tag rugby) and are ready for a rugby game next week. 

We have really enjoyed taking part in drama and role play this week in English, placing ourselves in the shoes of the main character. We also took turns in 'The Hot Seat' asking and answering questions about ‘Isatou'. We are reading a story from another culture called 'One Plastic Bag' and I really enjoyed making predictions about the events so far. 


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