Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 20/03/2023 from the children

Class 1

Nursery - We liked doing drawings of daffodils; we used yellow for the flower and green for the stem. 

Reception - In maths we have been doing odd and even numbers.

We are growing cress seeds in our cress heads. We will look at them to see what happens.

Reception - We have got ready for awesome endings this afternoon.

Class 2

I liked it when the mayor came.  His mace and sword where so special.  My story is going to be amazing! Story writing needs lots of perseverance! I loved tennis because we had the best coach, tennis was fabulous, it was the best, I enjoyed playing tennis.  I love doing star of the day and lunchtime.  Making symmetrical patterns in art was great, my egg is colourful.  Phonics play is fun, we practised reading words with split diagraphs.  


Class 3 This week in Class 3, we enjoyed:

Maths – we were learning how to make the whole in fractions. 

RE with Mrs Dinwoodie when we learned about the Easter story. 

We have also enjoyed English we finished our explanation text about volcanos.

We have really enjoyed godly play with Mrs Dalgleish, discovering the mystery of Easter.

Class 4

We really enjoyed creating pieces of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, using natural materials outside. It was fun and creative.

We enjoyed tag rugby because we practised our skills, spatial awareness and teamwork.

I enjoyed meeting the mayor because we had the opportunity to look at his mace and chains.

Geography was very interesting because we researched Greta Thunberg and how she was helping to save the planet.

Our refraction experiments were really surprising because I was shocked at the results. It was like a magic trick!


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