Teaching and learning celebrations w/c 17/04/2023

Class 1 were all very happy to be back! Here are some of our favourite parts of the week.

“I loved the PE with Fraser – wibbling the jelly and running was my favourite!”.

“PE – I liked running around with the ball”.

“Playing in the classroom with the lions and tigers”.

“Seeing my friends”.

“Telling my friends about my holidays”.

“Making our monster truck – I gave it a big toothy smile”.

“Playing in the sand with our new trucks and my friends”.

“Being scientists”.

Class 2 Year 2 said they enjoyed P.S.H.E. because of all of the fruit and vegetable tasting.  English was my favourite because it was 'The Gingerbread Man' story and we learned about word types to do with him. Tennis was fun.  I liked Science because it's about nature (plants and animals).  Learning about different measures this week in maths has been good.  I love phonics, maths and English.   I love all the school dinners.  I am looking forward to finding out what our new topic is in R.E.  I can't wait for football with Nick on Friday afternoon and golden time.


Class 3 This week we have all enjoyed DT and have made models of electric games. 

I have enjoyed lunch and RE.

I have enjoyed Maths & PE.


Class 4

We have enjoyed learning how to interpret data using line graphs and dual bar charts in maths.

I have enjoyed practising bowling and batting skills in PE.

We have enjoyed starting our new art topic, researching and sketching Greek vases. We are looking forward to painting and creating  clay pots.

In Science, I have enjoyed our new topic 'Electricity', finding out what electricity is. We learnt some new vocabulary, molecules atoms, protons and neutrons. 

In computing, we really enjoyed finding out how machines learn and artificial intelligence.


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