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Crosby-on-Eden School Council

This year we are not having a School Council, we are having Pupil Voice. Through a new system, we are trying to ensure that every pupils’ voice is heard.

The pupils in Year 6 will each be designated a class and they will often visit to discuss what is working well/not working well in school; how we can make out school better; how we can help others; what fundraising we could carry out etc.

The meetings will have an agenda, either drawn up by Y6 or the class themselves, and then Y6 will then collate all of the information from each class and feedback to the whole school during Good News assembly.

To see what is discussed, check back on this page for the minutes.

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Name Size Hits
School Council
October Minutes 13.9 KiB 245
November Minutes 9.5 KiB 196
January minutes 27.0 KiB 178
School Council Action Plan 2014 - 15 39.5 KiB 384
Pupil Voice Minutes Sept 16 15.3 KiB 65
Pupil Voice Minutes Nov 16 17.4 KiB 89
Pupil voice minutes 21.11.17 16.6 KiB 0
pupil voice minutes update 2.10.17 17.1 KiB 0

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